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Specializing in Hard-to-Find Arts and Crafts Reproductions Hand Built since 1988.

the studio of robert morrissey & carrie jazwiecki

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Gus Living Room

Ellis Living Room

Gus Bedroom

Gus Dining Room

Ellis Dining Room

Ellis Bedroom

What is Acorn?

  1. -Acorn is a new collection of Craftsman furniture designs by Head, Heart, & Hand.

- Over the last 25 years Heart, and Hand has made more authentic Craftsman reproductions, restored more museum quality antiques from the countries finest collections and auction houses; measured, studied and cataloged more original plans... than any other furniture company.

- We’ve incorporated our favorite details from those iconic forms and designed a line of furniture that is classic Arts and Crafts... ready “To use and to keep”.

- The thesis of the Acorn project is that the designs lend themselves to being built more economically... without losing the integrity of good design... and without being cheaply or dishonestly constructed.

  1. -The Acorn line is designed to be honest, classic, functional and to last a lifetime...

  1. -The Acorn collection has the same finish, construction, hardware and wood selection that HHH is famous for...

  1. -Acorn is intended to stand side by side with HHH reproductions or HHH custom forms as well your collection of antiques.

- Acorn fills a much needed role and is another first from Head, Heart, and Hand.

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“Authentic Techniques, Heirloom Quality”

                                                            American Bungalow Magazine

"... Enjoyed finding your site -

Really have mastered Gus' coloring - Congrats !!!

Bruce Johnson,

Director of the Conference at Grove Park

& Author of  The Pegged Joint and Knock on Wood

“Authentic Techniques, Heirloom Quality”.

“Warm, period-correct finishes using century-old techniques. Beautiful ray-patterned quarter-sawn oak, selected one board at a time. Multiple light-catching layers of hand-applied French shellac. It’s these uncompromising methods employed at Head, Heart and Hand that result in new pieces that look perfectly at home next to century-old originals...”

                                                           American Bungalow Magazine

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