“The precious part of a product is the part put into it by the craftsman.”

(Charles Rohlfs, 1900)



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Restorations of Craftsman Antiques

Historically Correct...Museum Quality...

How does shipping to and from C.A.R. work?

Will investing in restoration

increase or decrease the value of my collection?

How long will the restoration take?

Do you take credit cards?

Is my furniture insured during restoration?

Explain “a document of restoration”?

Are H.H.H. and C.A.R. the same company?

Yes, H.H.H. and C.A.R. are the same company with the same certified master carpenters and master finishers working on your restorations.

Head, Heart, and Hand has...

- made more authentic Craftsman reproductions,

- restored more museum quality antiques from the countries finest collections and auction houses.

- measured, studied and cataloged more original plans...

than any other furniture company.

Our 25 years of experience in the Craftsman vocabulary will ensure that the finished results exceed your expectations.

  1. -The most common misconception to novice antique buyers is that altering a form decreases its value.

  1. -a 100% fact is...

that unless your antique’s original finish is in rarely found pristine condition and is structurally sound...  authentically correcting it’s flaws will only enhance it’s value upon resale.

  1. - All C.A.R. restorations come with a “document of restoration” that both describes as well as photo documents all repairs. Investing in historically correct restoration from a master restorer will increase value upon resale.

Important special notes:

- Savvy collectors often purchase forms in poor condition at low prices.

They know that what is invested in restoration will return as profit after resale and provide the enjoyment of a sound, proper appearing piece of furniture.

- Knowing how much a piece will cost to restore also comes in handy when bargaining with antique dealers or bidding at auctions.

- Learn how to tell if your Craftsman antiques are in original condition...

shiny polyurethane is not original.

A C.A.R. “document of restoration” numerically lists all repairs, describes each repair, details the time to correct, and documents each repair with a before and after photograph.

The “document of restoration” aids in insurance value and replacement.

This document should be kept with or start the form’s provenance.

Upon delivery, a typical restoration will be with us for 2-4 weeks.

C.A.R. is fully insured to accept both your garage sale Morris chair and the rarest Rohlfs antiques.

Furniture awaiting restoration is held in a non disclosed climate controlled location.

Call to discuss delivery options...

We have discounted rates with  freight companies but our preferred method is pick up and deliver in an H.H.H. delivery van...  frequently there is one near by more often than you think.

Checks as well as all major credit cards are accepted.

How do I request an estimate?

Email us with photographs and a description of your antique.

“Authentic Techniques, Heirloom Quality”

                                                            American Bungalow Magazine

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