Specializing in Hard-to-Find Arts and Crafts Reproductions Hand Built since 1988.

the studio of robert morrissey & carrie jazwiecki


Does HHH offer discounts?

Yes, we offer a “project” or “multi piece” discount...

If you are planning an entire house or multi room project...  we offer discount levels based on the size of your

projected order.

Your HHH discount level can be used over a multi year project!

Please email and request our project discount schedule.

Why is HHH more expensive than other furniture companies?

See specific product support information on our website. We differ from other companies in significant ways!

In addition we make items one at a time... just like ordering at a fine restaurant.

Each piece is made to order to the best of our abilities at our highest standards. Everyone at HHH has chosen to make Craftsman furniture. It’s not just a job... If we were not having our creative needs met by making your furniture we would do something else. If you prefer your furniture made by craftsmen vs. unskilled or overseas labor,

HHH is your right choice.

If your questions are not addressed on the website or you prefer to speak with someone directly... just call the workshop

and we’d be happy to answer all your questions.

With a project discount we are still slightly more expensive than other builders...But our quality and attention to detail far outweigh the minor cost difference. The old adage, “You get what you pay for” couldn’t be more correct.

When you compare what you’re actually getting for how much you’re paying for it... the reality is that you’re over paying by not purchasing HHH. You can easily check Ebay for what other currently produced “heirloom “ furniture is actually worth...

Too many people use price as the bottom line. While price is always a factor, quality and value should be equally important. All we ask is that you take the time to make an informed decision while you’re furniture shopping.

What is Acorn?

Acorn is our new line of Craftsman furniture that is priced more competitively.

We haven’t lowered our standards...

we’ve just chosen forms that are easier to build, have great design and applications, and are less expensive to build.

Finally... a top-notch alternative for the new collector or devoted enthusiast.

Acorn orders are delivered in 16 - 20 weeks. We do not further discount Acorn items.


How do I order?

First consider if your needs will be met by an existing form or if you might need custom design.

(refer to the “custom” page of our website)

Although our website is comprehensive it does not show all the forms we make...

please inquire and we’ll email you info of additional forms.

Then just email or call us... we can discuss your needs, pricing, discounts, delivery, etc.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. All major credit cards as well as personal checks are accepted.

What is your payment policy?

We require a 50% deposit to put your order on our build schedule. The remaining 50% is due prior to delivery.

Can I get finish and leather samples?

Yes, just ask.

How long will my HHH order take?

The majority of one or two piece orders will ship in 6-8 weeks...

larger quantity orders in 3- 5 months... PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS.

Please always inquire about delivery time!!!!

Many of our orders have an open build time... so depending on your needs we may be able to slip you in our build schedule and accommodate your needs.

To eliminate unnecessary drama...we ask that customers anticipate their delivery dates and order accordingly.

HHH reserves our right to make construction and design changes at any time.


How does my order get delivered?

We deliver in three ways... small single items ship Fed-Ex or UPS, larger items are delivered by a white glove freight carrier,

or most commonly HHH delivery van.

Our preferred delivery method is group delivery by HHH delivery van.

How does HHH group delivery work?

Our HHH delivery van with different orders that share a common route and the customers split the overall cost. For example... we deliver every 8 - 12 to California . Group delivery typically adds a little wait time but... group delivery is very inexpensive, includes placement and set up of items in your home and removal of all packing materials...easy!

Always inquire about group delivery as we deliver by HHH van throughout the U.S.

Can I get a free shipping quote?

Yes, just email your full address and we’ll get you a quote in 24hrs.


How can I tell that  furniture for sale on Ebay or other name brand furniture companies

products are of poor quality?

If you’ve read this far... you can tell that our passion is furniture. Because of that we’re very sensitive to people being taken advantage of due to the manipulation of facts though clever marketing.

Please feel free to call us directly at the shop with any questions...

We’ll give you our educated opinion and you can take it or leave it.

But at least your questions will be addressed.

Even if you choose to not purchase from HHH... we can at least tell you what not to buy and why.

Please take the time to read all the support materials on our website. This will really help with comparison shopping.

Where can I see examples of your work?

We do as many national shows each year as our schedule allows...please email for this year’s specific cities.

We don’t really retail outside of our own shop but do have examples of our work for sale at Ephraim Pottery and Tim Holton Frames (we find their work to be of the highest quality).

Refer to the website for most information... we will also gladly mail you finish samples.

Do you give references?

No, we value our clients privacy and do not share that information.

We can say our work is found in the finest Craftsmen furniture collections in the country.

We’ve also restored Craftsman antiques from our countries finest collections and auction houses.

Please refer to to the “what our clients say” page of this website.


Email... headheartandhand@hotmail.com

Phone 406.222.0183

“Authentic Techniques, Heirloom Quality”.

“Warm, period-correct finishes using century-old techniques. Beautiful ray-patterned quarter-sawn oak, selected one board at a time. Multiple light-catching layers of hand-applied French shellac. It’s these uncompromising methods employed at Head, Heart and Hand that result in new pieces that look perfectly at home next to century-old originals. Every piece is measured from an original and reproduced faithfully in design, construction and finish process.

Clients can choose from hundreds of historic plans...

Collaborating on custom plans with clients is always a pleasure.”

                                                               American Bungalow Magazine

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