construction process

“The modern trouble

lies not with the use of machinery

but with the abuse of it….”

(Gustav Stickley,1906)

People often ask “where do we buy our wood”?

We think that’s like asking a great chef where he  buys his chicken.  It‘s got to be good from the start but it’s how you use it that‘s the art.

At HHH we never change the forms to make them easier to build.

HHH starts with the finest selected and collected slow growth quarter sawn white oak.
Hand filed perfect through mortise and tenon joinery.
Hand cut joinery on chair parts.
Hand cut tenons on curved chair backs.
Gluing authentic Gustav Stickley style four sided posts.
A real Gustav Stickley reproduction post.
We could save the 30% waste and a lot of time if we just lined up boards for your table tops.  At HHH it’s not about, “getting the job done,” it’s about artistry and proper woodworking.
Rockers clamped in molds
A through mortise & tenon
joint drilled and ready to be pegged.
The beauty of execution.
Simplicity and soul
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Specializing in Hard-to-Find Arts and Crafts Reproductions Hand Built since 1988.

the studio of robert morrissey & carrie jazwiecki

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