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Our finishes have been called "the finest in the reproduction market and the closest to the original antiques".

The Head, Heart, and Hand finishing process is superior to other contemporary furniture manufacturers' in some very major ways. Our finish is applied 100% by hand by one person and we use strictly historical methods and materials that took many years to master.

This means beauty and durability happily coexist at HHH, as they have throughout the history of fine furniture making, without the use of "improvements" like sprayed-on chemical stains and plastic topcoats or the uninspired assembly line work done by people who never even get to see the finished product!
In our workshop, each piece is carefully sanded and smoothed to prepare it for fuming/dying.
Then, the raw materials and pigments for
french polish shellacs, glazes, fills, and
waxes are custom blended using our own
recipes. Each different layer is carefully
applied to complete the process over a
period of two weeks.
This finish creates multiple light-capturing layers which are durable yet have a natural wood feel.
Head, Heart, and Hand finishes are museum quality and our furniture is "made to use and to keep" just as Gustav Stickley said about his furniture 100 years ago.
In other words, furniture built and finished by hand to a mellow patina looks nothing like machine produced, sprayed furniture from a factory. Purchasing Head, Heart, and Hand furniture shows that you appreciate quality and embody a true understanding of the original ideals of the arts and crafts movement.
We're pleased to say our furniture is often
mistaken for antiques.  We know this is because the same time-tested methods and materials and the expertise of master craftsmanship are still
essential to creating furniture that will last a lifetime.

Specializing in Hard-to-Find Arts and Crafts Reproductions Hand Built since 1988.

the studio of robert morrissey & carrie jazwiecki

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