measured drawings

Specializing in Hard-to-Find Arts and Crafts Reproductions Hand Built since 1988.

Head, Hand, and Heart, finds rare forms from private collections and museums.

We then either visit them in person or ship the original to our workshop.

Shown is a rubbing taken from a Rolhf’s 1906 Log Holder.
Can you tell which are new or old?

the studio of robert morrissey & carrie jazwiecki

In this case, we have a very rare Charles Limbert console.
First we carefully measure and record the original
and then make full size templates of each part.
We currently have over 400 measured forms.
Our joinery and wood selection often exceed that of the originals, but the design is reproduced exactly.
It was perfect furniture design 100 years ago
and it’s classic today.  We do not alter the form to make it easier to build.
HHH uses equal parts master woodworking, art history, and scavenger hunting in compiling our library of forms.
The reborn form.
Out of the collection and into your home.
The finished HHH reproduction of a Charles Limbert console.
Hardware is an exact reproduction of the original and handmade by our counterpart in metal work.
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